The New Casino in Sioux Falls is Not in Sioux Falls

The new casino that is getting attention in Sioux Falls is not even in Sioux Falls. It’s in Larchwood, Iowa. Sioux Falls is no stranger to casinos. It is legal in some form all over the city and statewide contributes to the state’s coffers. So what is the big deal with this casino. Well, initially it garnered positive press because it offered jobs to many unemployed workers in Sioux Falls. Then, there was press about whether or not it was good for the city. The final verdict will be whether or not it is a successful venture and continues to be a vacation destination for Sioux Falls residents.

Great Falls Casino offers something different from the casinos in Sioux Falls because it offers a variety of gaming. Also, it is a resort and as such will have lodging. The real question for Sioux Falls business leaders should be whether or not Great Falls Casino will take business away from Sioux Falls. If conferences move out there, the Convention Center could take a hit.

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