Colleges and Universities in Sioux Falls

Post-secondary education opportunities abound in Sioux Falls. It has everything from small liberal arts colleges to community and technical schools and now a growing University Center that brings the diverse opportunities of University of South Dakota and South Dakota state to Sioux Falls.

The colleges and universities in Sioux Falls offer ways to launch a career or train for a specific job. Increasingly, the programs and degrees offered at institutions of higher learning in Sioux Falls center around the booming healthcare industry. These programs prepare people to work in everything from patient care to paper work.

There are traditional liberal arts institutions such as Augustana College. It offers an array of undergraduate degrees including some directed at careers in nursing, teaching, and journalism. It offers all the traditional subjects as well. It is private not-for-profit, Christian institution whose history is linked to that of Sioux Falls. While other schools in the area may primarily serve the local population this school attracts students from around the Midwest.

The University of Sioux Falls is a private, Christian college. It features a January term that allows for study abroad, mission trips, and other unique learning experiences.

More recent additions to the college landscape are private for profit institutions that focus on job training. These schools, such as Colorado Technical University and National American University, are run by larger corporations who specialize in higher education. Some schools similar to these have been under scrutiny recently because of their low graduation rates and high rates of default on student loans.

Globe University / Minnesota School of Business offers everything from degrees in Veterinary Technology and Medical Assistant to an MBA. The degrees are very job specific, so it helps to have clear ideas on what you want to do upon entering the program. If you’re dreamed of working at a Veterinary clinic, for example, they have a program specific to that goal. If your goals are more vague, you might consider one of their more generally applicable programs in business administration or accounting.

The University of South Dakota and South Dakota state have increasingly made their presence felt through their growing University Center. With a number of career paths and majors to choose from, these universities are starting to bridge the distance between their main campuses in Vermillion and Brookings and their new campus in Sioux Falls. Although, they have a strong focus on healthcare industries and medicine, these universities are now offering degree programs in many fields.

It is unclear whether the University Center indicates an unfulfilled need in Sioux Falls. A need for a large public university with a large catalog of course offerings seems to be driving the enrollment at the University Center. So far, it seems that the state institutions in South Dakota are responding by expanding the largely commuter-student University Center. Could this one day lead to a satellite campus that is more resident-student, one that offers a more traditional public university experience?

In short, there is no reason to leave Sioux Falls to get the training you need in your career. The many institutions offer almost every degree and training one could need.

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