Save Money On Sioux Falls Services

Whether you are looking for a great price on an oil change or trying to save money on daycare, Zeitprice has information on the best prices. Zeitprice asks people all over the US, including Sioux Falls, about how much they pay for services such as Internet and Haircuts.

Check out how Sioux Falls compares in prices on common services. Also check to see whether national brands like Walmart and Great Clips are the cheapest for oil changes and haircuts. This website is great for anyone who has asked how much an oil change costs? or how much does a haircut cost?

What is especially interesting is checking to see what your neighbors pay for internet service. Midcontinent might dominate the high speed internet business in Sioux Falls, but not everyone pays the same price. See for yourself.

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Family Friendly Sioux Falls

Halloween is a time when Sioux Falls’ family friendliness is on full display. Whether enjoying city events, Boo in the Zoo, or just good old trick or treating, Sioux Falls at Halloween is a great time for families. Enjoy the upcoming holidays safely!

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Business Incubator in Sioux Falls

The South Dakota Technology Business Center has opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Sioux Falls. In addition to the the benefits offered by the center, you get to enjoy the ridiculously business-friendly environment that South Dakota has. Low taxes, low personnel costs, and inexpensive land. Check out their website:

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LivingSocial Coming to Sioux Falls

Lots of other cities have been benefiting from the boom in coupons and deal sites. Finally, Sioux Falls is joining the fun as LivingSocial promises to come to Sioux Falls soon. They give great deals (50-80% off) on local attractions, events, and fun things to do in Sioux Falls. These fun things to do might be a weekend away, a wine tour, or restaurant deals. The deals change every week so there are always new things to do and ways to save. The key is remembering to use the deal once you buy it. LivingSocial is good about reminding you to use a deal before it expires.

Get ahead of the curve and sign up for LivingSocial Sioux Falls here. You get $5 free just for signing up through this link.

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End of No Child Left Behind for South Dakota?

South Dakota is preparing to file a waiver to free the state of No Child Left Behind. Is this good news for South Dakota schools? It may be no news. For South Dakota to win the waiver, it has to make preparations for an school evaluation system that must meet federal standards. It is not clear whether this system of evaluations and accountability would be substantively different from the current one under NCLB. Nor is it clear that South Dakota is better off without NCLB regulations. When schools don’t perform under NCLB now, they are eligible for more federal funds. If SD waivers out of NCLB, will those funds still be available to struggling schools?

All of this will have to be hammered out by the state before the federal government allows them to waive. If Uncle Sam says okay, it will mean that South Dakota has invented its own way of holding schools accountable.

Read more about the best schools in Sioux Falls here.

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The New Casino in Sioux Falls is Not in Sioux Falls

The new casino that is getting attention in Sioux Falls is not even in Sioux Falls. It’s in Larchwood, Iowa. Sioux Falls is no stranger to casinos. It is legal in some form all over the city and statewide contributes to the state’s coffers. So what is the big deal with this casino. Well, initially it garnered positive press because it offered jobs to many unemployed workers in Sioux Falls. Then, there was press about whether or not it was good for the city. The final verdict will be whether or not it is a successful venture and continues to be a vacation destination for Sioux Falls residents.

Great Falls Casino offers something different from the casinos in Sioux Falls because it offers a variety of gaming. Also, it is a resort and as such will have lodging. The real question for Sioux Falls business leaders should be whether or not Great Falls Casino will take business away from Sioux Falls. If conferences move out there, the Convention Center could take a hit.

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Gevo Plant Brings Attention to Sioux Falls Suburb

Gevo, Inc. makes a corn-based alcohol that could be used in cars, but is profitably used in industrial, manufacturing settings. Gevo has purchased a production facility in Luverne, MN, a short drive from Sioux Falls, SD. If this new application of corn-based alcohol proves profitable it could bring even more jobs to Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls is already positioned to be a leader in ethanol production. As companies like Gevo find new ways to make other alcohols from corn, wood, and other stock, the manufacturing capacity and expertise in the Sioux Falls region could be in higher demand.

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Med-Tech Consultant Loves Sioux Falls

When asked about Minnesota’s competitiveness for med-tech companies, John Boyd remarked that the Twin Cities does have advantages over other cities. But he couldn’t stop talking about the advantages of Sioux Falls. In his interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, this med-tech consultant raved about the low costs and high tech environment in Sioux Falls. He named Avera and Sanford Health systems by name, and all but personally endorsed the city as a new site for medical technology firms looking to start a new site.

The advantages of Sioux Falls over a city like Boston or San Diego are clear–costs, costs, costs–but that had been the main attraction to Minneapolis. Now, with growing costs in Minneapolis from taxes, Sioux Falls has an advantage even over our close neighbor.

What’s more, he comments that Canadian companies are looking to take advantage of the falling dollar by establishing sites in the U.S, but easy access to Canada will continue to be a plus. Still, Minneapolis will has better infrastructure in the form of an international airport and local transit options.

The climate is changing, Boyd says. Once a small city like Sioux Falls, might have difficulty attracting talent. Now, with the country’s cost consciousness reset, Sioux Falls looks like a bargain, not just for companies, but for families and individuals looking to buy a home or start a business.

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Great Falls Casino, a Boom to the Job Market or a Problem in the Making?

The new casino may be getting positive press for job creation, but will it turn out to be a benefit to Sioux Falls?

Gambling has become a quick answer to a number of economic problems. In South Dakota it even pays for our schools. But Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson noted, “(Gambling) involves simply sterile transfers of money or goods between individuals, creating no new money or goods. Although it creates no output, gambling does nevertheless absorb time and resources. When pursued beyond the limits of recreation, where the main purpose after all is to kill time, gambling subtracts from the national income.”

Others can point to the millions in revenue that casinos take in renew hopes that Great Falls Casino in Larchwood, Iowa might bring to Sioux Falls some of the windfall.

While Great Falls will likely employ many residents of Sioux Falls, it will also relieve many Sioux Falls residents of their money by way of the “house always wins.” With many South Dakotans crossing state lines to spend their money in Iowa, it is likely that the state of Iowa will be the real winner. Taxes and increased tourism benefits the state, at the peril of those nearby.

Las Vegas may look like a jewel in the desert, but it is a jewel purchased with money made somewhere else. The money has to come from somewhere. I just hope it isn’t from Sioux Falls in any noticeable quantity.

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