Job Opportunities

Sioux Falls, SD is a hub for growing industries. Health care and finance are growing nationwide and Sioux Falls is poised to take advantage of this national trend by adding jobs in these high-paying sectors.

Finance Industry Jobs in Sioux Falls

Finance Industry Jobs in Sioux Falls

In 1981, Citibank opened a subsidiary in South Dakota to take advantage of favorable lending laws. Other credit card companies and banks have done the same, making Sioux Falls, a great place for those seeking a career in finance. Credit analysts, financial analysts, and banking professionals are all in high demand. In the last 30 days, the finance and accounting industry made up 20% of job postings.

Health Care Jobs in Sioux Falls

A growing Healthcare industry in Sioux Falls

Of the job opportunities posted in the last 30 days in Sioux Falls, SD, nearly 20% of them were in health care. This reflects a growing health care industry nationwide and regionally. Sioux Falls has become a hub for high quality heath care, serving northern Iowa, Western Minnesota and east river South Dakota. The medical schools in Sioux Falls provide cutting edge research and care.

The health care industry offers opportunities for people at all levels of education and profession. Those with advanced degrees in medicine and science can find many opportunities to practice and research at the major hospitals. Those with entry-level skills will find many opportunities as PSAs or billing assistants.

There are even more job opportunities for those with technical skills or the willingness to gain technical expertise. Dental hygienists, laboratory techs, and radiology techs are all in high demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Those interested in a career in health care can find many ways to become qualified though one of the many local universities offering programs.

Engineering Jobs in Sioux Falls, SD

Engineering accounts for 10% of recently posted jobs in Sioux Falls, but the field is diverse. Everything civil engineering and railway work to software engineering abounds. As a crossroads between agriculture and industry Sioux Falls has opportunities for every engineering expertise.

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