Weddings in Sioux Falls


Sioux Falls has a great variety of wedding and event venues to choose from. Whether you are wanting a huge outdoor wedding venue or an indoor, intimate wedding, there are wedding sites that fit your matrimonial plans.

The first decision you might make is whether your even will be indoors or outside. Sioux Falls has a number of outdoor venues available through the parks system.

For example, Terrace Park’s Japanese Garden is available at no charge. These beautiful settings are on a narrow strip bordering Covells Lake, so your attendance may be limited. There is a parking area that connects to a gravel trail that leads to the ceremony spots. Image shows a pagoda against a sunny green background.Terrace park terrace

McKennan Park likewise is available for free. In both locales, you must provide your own chairs.

Tuthill Park House and Garden can accommodate 40 people, if you are planning a small ceremony. They charge only $20 an hour–a bargain in the wedding game. They have limitations on how the gazebo may be decorated, so it is not a place where your wildest decorating schemes will be welcomed.

All of Sioux Falls parks make a great place to take pictures, so even if you don’t have your wedding at one of the parks, you can still enjoy the backdrop. I recommend the sunken gardens at McKennan park. Grand oak trees and beautiful flower gardens make a great backdrop.

W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds has an outdoor venue that can accommodate an unlimited number of people. So if you need to invite the whole state, this is the place. The reception sites at the fairgrounds do have limits, so you might have to pair down to 1,000 people for the reception. One con is that all alcohol has to be purchased through them, but if you are inviting 1,000 people, a cash bar might be a good idea.

Indoor venues for wedding receptions offer the certainty and comfort that outdoor venues can’t provide. The weather is always nice in an air conditioned room. Indoor venues vary in size and price (Sorry, no free venues in this category).

For the lowest cost for indoor venues, think creatively. Sometimes the church where you are having the ceremony will allow you to use the fellowship hall for free. Ask friends and family for suggestions, and you might find a connection that save you a bundle. Or at very least ask a hotel if they can make a deal that would combine rooms for your guests and a ballroom for the reception. While the Holiday Inn City Center is a common choice for both guest rooms and ballrooms, some of the newer hotels in town might be eager to get your business.

The Museum of Visual Materials can accommodate 240 people. The rental charge varies from $650 to $1,300. It is an historic, visually appealing building. They allow outside catering and alcohol.

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